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DISE@N--National Level School Information System

Over the years, NUEPA in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resource Development has been striving to revitalize the collection, analysis, presentation and use of educational statistics in decision making. For this purpose, it is essential that the right information is available to decision makers at the right time. This demands a high level of professionalism in the design and development of information collection and management systems. After about five years of efforts, a national backbone for educational information management has been created in India. Presently, the data is available from the school to the national level by establishing computer centres at the district, state and the national level. The following are the software labels for latest versions installed at these levels:

District level                   DISE2009 Release 2.0

State level                      DISE@S

National level                DISE@N

A national system has been designed and developed and national data is available at three locations i.e. at the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Technical Support Group (SSA) and NUEPA. The database is expected to serve the needs of diverse users in the SSA, MHRD and other professionals engaged in educational planning and research.


This national level initiative is unique in many respects. It is for the first time that an integrated national database is available for any social sector development activity. Like the state level system (DISE@S), the DISE@N have all the features which enhance its utility for educational administrators at the national level.