Prakash Kumar,New Delhi, Feb 6, DHNS

Muslim student enrolment goes up in State

Minority community girls fare better than national average.

When it comes to participation of Muslims in school education, Karnataka has earned a distinction in the country with the state recording a significant rise in their enrolment right from elementary to upper primary level during 2009-10.

According to a government report on the status of elementary education in India, recently released by Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Kapil Sibal here, there was an increase in the enrolment of Muslim children across the country during 2009-10. The number, however, went up more than double in Karnataka during the period compared to the figures recorded in previous years.

Sharp rise

The state, where 14.67 per cent Muslim children of total Muslim population were enrolled in primary classes and 13.81 per cent in upper primary classes during 2008-09, witnessed a sharp increase of 35.52 per cent and 37.13 per cent respectively in them during 2009-10, the report prepared by National University of Educational Planning and Education (NUEPA) noted.

The enrolment at elementary level too rose to 35.99 percent of the total Muslim population in the state during 2009-10 from 14.42 per cent recorded in 2008-09. “The analysis of data suggests improvement in participation of Muslim minority children in elementary education programmes,” the report said.

The data compiled from across 13 lakh recognised schools offering elementary education across 635 districts spread over 35 states and union territories reveals that Muslim children enrolment rose to 13.48 per cent in 2009-10 across the country from 10.49 per cent in 2008-09.

Girls ahead

Of the total 5,44,70,000 enrolments in upper primary classes in the country in 2009-10, Muslim enrolment was 64.8 lakhs across India and the percentage of Muslim girls to total Muslim enrolment in upper primary classes was about 50 per cent which is above the national average of girls enrolment in upper primary classes, the report said.

Of the total Muslim enrolment in primary classes, the percentage of Muslim girls stood at 48.96 during the same period which was quite similar to the share of girls in overall primary enrolment (48.38 per cent), it added. The NUEPA report noted that the enrolment data for the year 2009-10 also reveals that there are certain pockets in the country which have got high percentage of Muslim enrolment.

“There are about 1,07,945 schools which have got more than 25 per cent Muslim enrolment (to total enrolment in elementary classes) which is 8.28 percent of the total schools that impart elementary education in the country,” it said.

* Number of Muslim children enrolled in Karnataka schools more than double the figures for the entire country during 2009-10.

* State witnessed sharp increase of 35.52 per cent and 37.13 per cent in primary and elementary class enrolment respectively.

* During 2008-9, the figures were 14.67 per cent and 13.81 per cent respectively.

* Enrolment figures rose to 13.48 per cent in 2009-10 across the country from 10.49 per cent in 2008-09.

* Percentage of Muslim girls enrolment 50 pc above the national average in primary class enrolment

* Certain pockets in the country also reported high percentage of Muslim enrolment.

 06 February, 2011