Elementary school enrolment up 

A report on status of elementary schools in the country, prepared by the National University of Educational Planning and Administration, has claimed that there has been an overall improvement in enrolment during 2010-11. It goes on to reveal that during the period, enrolment in private schools has been better than the government ones.r /> According to the report Puducherry and Lakshadweep continued to be the top two states with Punjab coming at the third place in the composite educational development index (EDI).
Punjab has unseated Kerala to be among the top three states, improving from seventh position last time. Tamil Nadu was placed fourth and Kerala on the fifth position among the 35 states.
The report, Elementary Education in India: Progress towards UEE, highlighted the increased inclination among parents to enrol in their wards in private schools. The report said that while enrolment in Classes I-V in government schools declined in 2010-11 as compared to 2009-10, those in private schools at these level increased.
While enrolment at government schools in 2010-11 between Class I and V was 94,088,108 as compared to 96,222,886 in 2009-10. Enrolment in all private schools between Class I and V during 2010-11 was 38,235,561 as compared to 37,099,124 registered in 2009-10, the report said. The overall enrolment in all schools during the period between Class I and V stood at 135,207,057 in 2010-11 as compared to 133,405,581 in 2009-10.
A marginal improvement in enrolment among girls between Class VI and VIII and a slight drop between Class I and V was also revealed.
Girls enrolment stood at 48.39 per cent in 2010-11 as against 48.12 per cent in 2009-10, it dropped by 0.05 per cent between Class I and V, standing at 48.41 per cent in 2010-11.
However, Muslim enrolment at the primary level stood at 13.04 per cent, down from 13.48 per cent registered in 2009-10.
Data received from as many as 1.36 million schools spread over 637 districts across 35 states was analysed for compiling the report.


22 January, 2010