Gujarat ranks ninth in quality of education

Niyati Rana, Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013, 13:51 IST | Agency: DNA

State breaks into top 10 for 2011-12 in MHRD's education development index .

Gujarat broke into the top 10 securing the ninth rank in the country for the year 2011-12 as far as improving the quality of education in elementary schools is concerned.

This outstanding performance of the state was a result of the evaluation of the latest educational development index done by the National University of Education Planning and Administration (NUEPA) and the ministry of human resource and development (MHRD).

Recently, according to data released by District Information System for Education (DISE) - 2011-12: Flash statistics, Gujarat has outshone states like Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab to mention a few.

The news is significant because Gujarat’s performance has improved compared to previous years. According to officials of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), the state stood at 14th in the composite educational development index 2010-11 (for primary and upper primary levels) and 15th in 2009-10.

The evaluation was done on the basis of the performance of elementary school in four aspects: access to school, infrastructure, teachers and outcome. Details of the latest evaluation showed Gujarat ranking 33rd as far as access to school is concerned, 15th in infrastructure, 10th in teachers and 12th in performance in the primary section (classes I to V).

Similarly, at the upper primary level (classes VI to VIII), Gujarat ranked 14th in access, 3rd in infrastructure, 12th in teacher and 21st in outcome among Indian states. Put together the results of primary and upper primary sections, Gujarat stood ninth.

Explaining the reason for the improvement in rank, an SSA official said Gujarat has done majority of the implementation in 2022-12.

“For example, we recruited 11,689 teachers which improved the student-teacher ratio. Also, in the same year, nearly 14,000 classrooms were built to boost the state’s performance in infrastructure and enrolment. We added Class VIII in around 16,000 schools of the state which helped to retain the students,” explained an official.

Officials also boasted that among the top 10 positions, four have been occupied by Union Territories thereby putting Gujarat among the top five states. 

Sukhdev Patel, an education activist, however, said that it was shameful for the state — which claims to be number one in every category — occupying the ninth spot in education.

“Ideally, there should be no competition in education. All the states should have 100 per cent results. But when there is an evaluation like this, it is shameful that Gujarat ranked ninth. Why is it not number one here? This shows how the Gujarat government deceives us by giving fake figures of progress in education,” said Patel.

DNA, 10 July, 2013