Ardhra Nair : pu, Mon Oct 07 2013, 02:23 hrs

DISE: Tracking studentsí progress to get easier with inclusion of Aadhaar number

From this year, data collection from all schools in the state for Unified District Information System for Education (U-DISE) will have many added features. The most important being the addition of Aadhaar card number of students along with other data.

Zilla Parishads across the state have started the procedure to collect Aadhaar numbers of students to make an integrated Aadhaar enabled U-DISE. The aim of DISE website is to provide school-related statistical information on the implementation of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in India.

"This will help in child tracking. Along with Aadhaar card number, we are also taking other details of students such as scholarship and family information. We are also asking for students' entire school details. Once we get all details along with the Aadhaar card numbers, tracking the progress of children will become easier. Once these details are filled, a child-specific ID is created that can be used whenever information is required," said Nandkumar Theurkar, computer programmer, Pune Zilla Parishad.

"This will also help in making the DISE data more accurate as duplication is not possible. Even if a child leaves a school and joins another, we will have a record of him or her despite change of cities. This will also tell us whether the benefits have actually reached the students," he said.

Aadhaar-enabled DISE project is a visionary project and will take at least two years to be completed, said officials. "Only 10 per cent of the students will give Aadhaar details this year. Once there is awareness about the initiative and its benefits, more students will get Aadhaar numbers. Once a full-fledged database for students is developed by the Zilla Parishad, paper work can be minimised. May be, one day, students may not have to actually take migration or leaving certificates while moving from one place to another as everything will be on the website and all the teacher would want to do is check his background using the child's ID and school DISE code," added Theurkar.


07th September 2013