June 26TH 2016 : (Rimjhim Naudiyal)

Is There Really Any Education Going On?



Just when you thought that the education system of our country cannot go down any further, another blow has emanated from a series of facts that show many schools are running without a single teacher teaching in them. This condition is not just existing but persisting since a very long time with 188 schools in the Haryana state running without a single teacher and 1,075 schools having one teacher teaching the entire school.

The pathetic condition of our education, that too at primary level, has not just raised concerns for the education system but the future of the students studying in such schools. What is to be ascertained is whether the reported schools are registered or not. Many of us know that parents tend to send their children to nearby schools without attempting to discover the authenticity of the education center. The data that has been uploaded by State Education Department on February 26 on Unified District Information System for Education reveals the names of those districts that have such teacher-less schools.

Where Yamunanagar district has 52 schools where not even a single teacher is available, Mewat heads the state with the maximum 77 schools without a single teacher. Jind, Rohtak, Rewari, Kaithal, Fathehabad, Panipat, Mahendragarh, Sirsa, Bhiwani, Kamal, Panchkula, Sonepat, Ambala and Hisar are the places shown in the data which reflects the trodden state of education upon which Haryana survives. As all of these places belong to that state, the approach of the education ministry towards education has been questioned.

It is generally believed that the administration deliberately tends not to appoint teachers in order to distribute the share of teachers amongst themselves. Where this would remain to be an unproven point, the only fact that there are one or no teachers in schools is the matter of concern. The U-DISE data shows that out of the 22,315 government schools in Haryana, 188 do not have a single teacher, 1,075 are running with a single teacher, 2,895 have two teachers, 2,113 have three teachers, 5,649 have four to six teachers, 3,997 have seven to 10 teachers, 2,983 schools have 11 to 15 teachers and 3,415 schools have more than 15 teachers. At least 4,158 schools of the state have less than three teachers, according to the report.

Whether it is deliberate or mere callousness on the part of the Haryana government is yet to be decided, however; the deriding effect that it would have on the careers of children surely can be. Where our education system is still grappling with some conventional approaches, the horror of the dearth of even the basics of education not reaching the children subverts the idea of why education should be there in one’s life.