19 Jan 2009, 0000 hrs IST, Gauree Malkarnekar, TNN

Goa bags 14th spot on national EDI

PANAJI: Goa has jumped to 14th position, a whole two places higher than last year, on the recent National Education Development Index (EDI) survey at the elementary school level for the year 2007-08.

At the primary level, Goa has risen one place higher, to the 15th position on the composite EDI for the current academic year. The improvement is even more significant at the upper primary level where Goa has jumped three places to reach the 14th rank, as against its 17th place last year.

The ranks were granted under a recent survey of the National University for Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA) after an evaluation of numerous factors such as access to education, performance of students, infrastructure provided by the state and quality of teachers available.

On the teachers index, Goa has moved up to 4th position as against 7th last year. On the parameter of outcome too, Goa went from last year's lowly 30th place to attain the 26th rank this year. The state also showed improvement on the access parameter where the state Goa rose to 24th position from last year's 26th place.

However, Goa slid down to 7th rank on the infrastructure parameter from 6th place last year. The survey showed that 30.61% of all elementary schools in Goa were equipped with computers, which is a much better figure than most other states.

As regards development infrastructure, 85.81% of all government primary and upper primary schools had recieved grants from the state. Sixty two per cent of all elementary schools have boundary walls, 96.47% have drinking water facility and as many as 45.38% of all schools have been provided with a toilet for girls.

On an average, there was one teacher available for every class of less than 60 students at the elementary school level.

While Puducherry, Delhi and Lakshadweep have attained the first 3 positions on the composite EDI at the primary level, at the upper primary level it is Kerala, Lakshadweep and Puducherry.

On the composite EDI for 2008-09, Puducherry ranks first, followed by Kerala. Lakshadweep bagged the third position.

Times of India, January 19, 2009