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Descriptive School Report


 School Code : 28142301513


 Name of School: 0423610 - Z.P.High School

Village:  TOORANGI(R)



Date of Reference

This report is automatically generated by computer based on the data provided by the school as on September 30, 2006.

School Background

The school was established in 2000 and it is managed by the Local Body. It is located in rural area. It is situated at a distance of about less than 1 km. from the Block HQ. It is located in KAKINDA(RURAL) block of EAST GODAVARI district of ANDHRA PRADESH. The school consists of Grades from 6 to 10. The school is co-educational and it does not have an attached pre-primary section. The school is non-residential in nature and is not using school building as a shift-school. During the previous academic year, the school functioned for 225 days. It had 1 academic inspection and was 2 times visited by the CRC Coordinator during the previous academic year. It was not visited by the BRC Coordinator. Telgu is the medium of instructions in this school.

Facilities in School

The school has 2 building blocks which are housed in a Government building. It has got 10 classrooms for instructional purposes. A total of 6 classrooms are in good condition. On the other hand, 4 of the classrooms need major repairs. It has got another room for non-teaching activities.

The school has got no boundary wall. The school has electricity connection. The source of Drinking Water in the school is other than tap water, well & hand pump. The school does not have a common toilet but has a separate toilet for girls. The school does not have playground. The school has a book-bank and has 210 books in its library. The school did not arrange medical check-up for its students during the previous academic year. It has no ramp for the disabled children. The school has got 8 blackboards for the use of teachers and 2 blackboards at the ground level for the use of children. The school has got one computer.


The school does not have a regular Head Master/Teacher. The school has 6 regular teachers in position against a sanctioned strength of 6 posts. In addition, the school has got 4 Para-Teachers. The school has 4 female teachers. The school does not have non-teaching staff. Precisely, 9 teachers of school are having graduate and above degrees. On the other hand, 6 teachers have professional certification(s)/degree(s). The Pupil-Teacher Ratio (PTR) of the school is 19:1 and the Student-Classroom Ratio (SCR), 19:1. On an average, about 19 students sit in one classroom which sounds comfortable.

During the previous academic year, no teacher was engaged for even a single day in non-teaching assignments.

Funds and Grants

Under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Programme, the school received School Development Grant (Rs. 2000/-) but did not receive TLM Grant. However, details of the expenditure incurred on School Development and TLM Grant is not known. The school collected funds from the students in tune of Rs. 1461/- during the previous academic year.


The total enrolment of school is 192, out of which boys' enrolment is 94 (49.0 per cent) and girls' enrolment, 98 (51.0 per cent). The SC enrolment is 30 (15.6 per cent), ST enrolment, 1 (0.5 per cent) and OBC enrolment, 117 (60.9 per cent). A total of 0 (0.0 per cent) boys and 2 (2.0 per cent) girls repeated upper primary grades during the previous academic year. The school has 39 disabled children.

Incentives to Students

Incentives were not provided to students in the previous academic session.

School Examinations

Of the total students appeared in Grade VIII examination, 100 per cent passed the examination. The percentage of such boys and girls were 100 and 100 per cent respectively. About 33 per cent students passed the examination with 60 per cent and above marks.

Major Strengths & Weakness


    The school has got computer in the school.

    Teachers of school are well qualified as they have graduate & above degrees.

    The teachers are professionally qualified.

    The school was inspected during the previous academic year.

    The school was visited by the CRC Coordinator during the previous academic year.

    There are female teachers in the school.

    The school has got girls' toilet.

    The school has a comfortable Pupil-Teacher Ratio (PTR).


    The school does not have a common toilet.

    The school does not have a boundary wall.

    The school does not have regular head master/head teacher.

    The school does not have a ramp for disabled children.

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